Sam Temple is one of the most powerful young adults in the FAYZ. He is considered one of the leaders of the FAYZ.Sam is known by the locals as school bus sam because once he saved his classmates when on a bus the driver had a heart attack, so sam took the wheel. But Sam cracked under the pressure in the second book. Now, he works with others to carry the burden of the FAYZ.

He gains unwanted leadership by trying to save a girl from a burning building, who he then discovers had similar powers to him. He is put in charge of the fire department by Caine, who takes over Perdido Beach along with some others from Coates Academy. Caine makes himself leader but is then Thrown out of period beach, and Sam becomes Leader again.

He is looked up to my all of the youngsters of the FAYZ.


Astrid Ellison- Girlfriend

Connie Temple- Mother

Caine- Fraternal Twin Brother

Quinn- Best Friend


Sam can shoot burning rays of light out of his palms. He can use these powers for destruction and for good. He burned off Drake’s arm before it was a tentacle. He can make a ball of glowing light, used when the power goes out in Hunger. They are called Sammy Suns.

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