Gone is a young adult novel written by Michael Grant.

In the small town of Perdido Beach, California, every adult and teenager fifteen and over mysteriously disappears. This event in turn causes mass chaos and confusion among the remaining population. Sam temple, and his best friend Quinn team up with Astrid Ellison, Sams crush to go cheak for their parents and find Astrids little brother. Sam Temple attempts to rescue a little girl from a burning building. He discovers that the child has a unique ability to fire magma, but is unable to save her. Not fully understanding the situation he is in, he decides to look for Little Pete, the autistic little brother of Astrid Ellison (the local genius and Sam’s love interest in the story).

Along with Astrid and Quinn Gaither, Sam’s best friend, the group goes to Hilltop Hotel where Astrids mother was playing tennis and she belives Little Pete will be. There the group discovers an impenetrable energy barrier that cuts off the kids from the outside world and burns to the touch though it leaves no marks. After spending a night at the hotel and some bonding conversation between Astrid and Sam the group meets Edildo, a Hondouran boy whos father works at the hotel. They invite him to join their group and he offer to let them use his golf cart to go cheak the Power Plant where Mr. Ellison works for Little pete. The group later comes across town bullies Orc and Howard who steal the golf cart and beat up Quinn. Quinn later complains about Sam seemingly being the leader of the group which forshadows future problems. It is during this confrontation that Howard coins the term FAYZ, Fallout Ally Youth Zone. At the plant they find Little Pete, and, along with him, a map of radiation patterns if a nuclear explosion where to occur. These maps follow the same pattern as the FAYZ wall.

While the group spends the night at the plant, Sam awakens Little Pete who in turn uses The Power to choke him. As Sam passes out he uses his light powers which awakens the rest of the group. Frightened they escape the power plant, and once outside Sam comes clean with his story about his abilities, as does Astrid about Little Pete. His power appears to be teleportation which Astrid explains as Pete transporting her from his room where they where doing an excersizes for his autism to hers when she was too rough though this does not explain how he choked Sam. When the group returns to town, vehicles arrive in Perdido Beach, being driven by the students of Coates Academy, a school for the wealthy and troubled. Leading the act is Caine Soren, who gains the townies’ trust by promising stable leadership and a normal life. He has the kids elect leaders to see whom his competition will be and the townies' chose Sam, Astrid, Quinn, Dahra, Elwood, Cookie, Orc, and Howard. After using the local church for planning with other elected kids, the building suffers minor damages by a strange force which causes a cross to fall and nearly kill one of the local bullies.

Caine is revealed to have the Power as a telekinetic, but he requires the use of his hands to direct the objects. Some of the other kids have powers too, but all of them are different. The most notable of which is Diana who can read how powerful a person is by holding their hands. She describes it has cell phone bars ranging from one, two, and three bars being common. Sam and Caine are the only measured four bars as of Lies. Along with the psychopathic student Drake Merwin, Caine soon takes command by using the local bullies to work for him as "enforcers" and making Sam the fire chief because of his previous actions, soon resulting in the beating and death of a Bouncing Bette.

Soon, Caine and his lackeys steal Sam’s mother’s laptop with her diary and lock box which contains her will and Sam's birth certificate. Through this they find out a powerful secret between Caine and Sam, that they are fraternal twins. Connie Temple kept Sam but gave Caine up for adoption for unknown reasons. The kids decide to try to beat the “poof”, or the supernatural disappearance that happens whenever someone turns fifteen at the exact time of their birth. They ubduct Sam and Astrid with the help of Quinn who is outed as a mole. Sam is attacked by Caine while Astrid is assulted by Drake. This ends when Little Pete teleports himself and Astrid back to their home and they flee to Hilltop to hide. Quinn has a change of heart and saves Sam from being killed by a weight bar. The two grab Edildo then go get a boat and save Astrid from Drake, who was sent with a pistol to kill her and Pete.

After the group saves Astrid they have a confrontation with Orc in the sea then they escape to the wilderness. This is where Astrid teaches Sam that he does not have to be scared to use his power, only angry because, "anger is fear turned outwards." With his and Caine's birthdays approching Sam decides that he needs to go get rid of Caine and Drake so that things will be safe for Astrid and Little Pete once he is gone. On their way back to town they enter the desert where they meet Lana, who has the Power to heal with a touch though the degree of healing and the amount of time required depends on the injury, as well as her labrador Patrick. They learn of her parrallel story lkine which has been going on through the book, detailing her discover of a mine which containes The Darkness, and unknown entity that controls the mutated cayotes in the area. Sam defeates they cayotes at the expense of setting much of the brush on fire which pushes the group towards Coates Acadamy. Thery are soon upducted by Drake who takes the group to Coates. There they are all "plastered." This is a sickening process in which the hands of kids with the Power are put in a hole with cement then left their until a large cement block hardens around their hands. Little Pete ends up saveing them though by teleporting all of the cement blocks off the groups hands as well as that of the captured Coates kids. Caine, Diana, and Drake flee but not before Sam burns off Drakes right arm.

Somewhere in the local desert, Caine follows Pack Leader to the Darkness. But what will happen? Will Sam be able to help his girlfriend or will Caine, Diana, and Drake take over Perdido Beach? The question isn't who will win the war, but who will be able to survive until the warThere is expected to be six books in the series; two are out now: Gone and Hunger. There are supposedly going to be 6 books- Gone, Hunger, Lies, Plague, Darkness, and finally Light

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