Astrid Ellison is a main character in all Gone books so far as well as the girlfriend of Sam Temple

Personal Information

Astrid the Genius, as she is known, is the smartest girl in school and possibly all of Perdido Beach. She is looked to for her intelligence throughout most of the book, though often, she is also underestimated because of the way she looks described as "smart girl Baribie". She is the love intrest of Sam Temple in the series and has been shown kissing Sam and hugging him countless times though as of Lies she refuses to have sex with him. She has the Power and describes it to be seeing the metaphorical "importance" of someone as a streak across the sky. She describes people with a great significance such as Sam Temple as a bright burning commet with stars trailing. It is unknown if this ability will develope further, as of Gone it appears to require physical contact and has not been visited since.

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